Fly High Pro X Series Fat Seat (1100 lbs.)
Fly High Pro X Series Fat Seat (1100 lbs.)
Fly High Pro X Series Fat Seat (1100 lbs.) Your Price: $289.99

The best selling ballast bags on the market! Fly High continues to raise the bar - creating the most innovative, most durable and most desired wake enhancement devices available. Construction, design, functionality and value are all reasons why Fly High continues to lead the industry in wake enhancement.

The Pro X Series Fat Seat is design for inboard boats that have a removable rear seat. This thing is huge and it’s strong enough to sit on. It has two arms that extend forward on either side of the engine compartment to add even more weight.

  • Weight Capacity: 1100 lbs.
  • Where To Use: In place of the back seat in your direct drive
  • Valmex Material: A material traditionally used in manufacturing white water rafts that is welded and taped together - guaranteed not going to break, leak, puncture, or separate. No more annoying covers to deal with... ever!
  • Fly High Quick Connect System: No leaks, no spraying water, no waterbed fittings, no hassle while filling up ballast
  • Rectangular Design: Allows 25% more weight capacity and greater stability
  • Valve Setup: 1 Drain Valve, 4 Fill/Vent Valves
  • Dimensions: Main - 26" x 63" x 13", Arms - 58" x 13" x 13"
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