Perfect Pass StarGazer Three Event for DBW Engines
Perfect Pass StarGazer Three Event for DBW Engines
Perfect Pass StarGazer Three Event for DBW Engines Your Price: $1,349.99

Star Gazer is the next generation of our legendary DigitalPro platform. All new circuitry anchored by an extremely fast Arm 7 Processor combined with GPS Speed Correction delivers an unparalled skiing and driving experience.

No other project in our history has consumed as much engineering resources as Star Gazer. The goal from the outset was to stay with our RPM Based Slalom Mode simply because it is a smoother, far more forgiving pull than a pure speed based process. The challenge was to make it "smarter” so the driver could simply set the speed and go while the skier enjoyed the same familiar pull.

The end product is the result of integrating "speed overlay” using the new high speed GPS Receiver. (The paddle wheel signal is no longer required) This approach combined with sophisticated software running on the ARM 7 Processor actually produces a better pull and driving is incredibly simple. The system is so accurate that you should not be surprised to see actual end course times pass after pass.

From the driver’s seat, you will notice that the lcd screen layout is much cleaner. There is no skier weight, rpm adjust, etc. In addition, the slalom switch is no longer required.

Skiers have commented that at deep shortline, it just feels "softer” or "smoother”.

In addition to Slalom, the Trick and Wakeboard Modes have been improved by using GPS control. (No paddle wheel required) This means enhanced control particular in the turns and there is never a need to calibrate. The World Record Jump Mode is unchanged.

Star Gazer also features Two Timing Modes to choose from. The Classic Mode using 6 or 8 magnets is available or you can select the very accurate One Magnet Method, which requires just One Magnet at the entrance gate. This mode will produce full course and all buoy times.

In addition to Slalom, the Trick and Wakeboard Modes have been enhanced via a continuous calibration of the paddle wheel. Improved performance in the turns and "auto calibration” means your speed will always be accurate to 1/10 mph.
The World Record Jump Mode is unchanged for 2008.

Star Gazer is designed only for three event tournament boats and is available for new DBW engines as well as most mechanical engines produced since 1980

Important Note: The Three Event was designed for serious tournament skiers using the system in a slalom course or jump course. Those using their boat primarily for open water skiing and wakeboarding should consider the Star Gazer.

This Perfect Pass is for boats with DBW (Drive by Wire).  DBW boats include 2005 - 2008 Mastercrafts, 2006 -0 2007 Nautiques, 2006 - 2008 Malibus in addition to others.
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Based on your boats year make and model we will provide the correct gauge to go with your boat.  If there is a boat specific gauge we will provide this as well.  For example if you have a Tige boat we will provide the "Tige" gauge.

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Express Shipping - Not available. Each Perfect Pass unit is custom designed for your specific boat and cannot be shipped via express shipping.

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Please note Perfect Pass is a product that is custom ordered for each specific boat. This may add additional time before shipping out.

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This product can be returned within 30 days for any reason as long as it does not have excessive wear or damage.

Returns on this product are available for refund or product exchange.
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