Who is WakeSurfCentral?

Welcome to Wakesurf Central, the premier retail store for anything and everything wakesurfing. Since 1989 BoardCo Inc has been at the forefront of the art of Standing Sideways on the water. WakesurfCentral.com is the result of BoardCo's dedication to the sport of wakesurfing. Since the late 90's we have grown with the sport of wakesurfing and watched it change and evolve from a nearly unrecognized novelty into a thriving environment with legitimate and respected athletes, manufacturers and products. Wakesurf Central is designed to be the ultimate source for all of your wakesurfing needs. We offer the largest selection of wakesurfing gear available anywhere, a customer service staff that actually uses the gear we sell and a progressive team of athletes led by 6 time World Wakesurfing Champion Drew Danielo that continue to push the wakesurfing movement worldwide.

In addition to our passion about wakesurfing, we also have a tradition of providing the best customer service you can find anywhere. We have a unique customer rewards program - giving you Free 3-Day Shipping on almost everything we carry, relieve your worries with our Lowest Price Guarantee and then back it up with a Performance Guarantee. Try finding that kind of support from any other shop - online or in-store.

Ride the endless wave,

-The Wake Surf Central Team